Target Audience

So, you might well ask, who am I writing for?  This is a very involved question.

I am a geek, (shock horror) and will proudly proclaim my Trekkness and my Jedi abilities, and I don’t give a Frak who knows i!.  Despite the fact that geekdom costs money (or at least broadband) nowadays, I manage to keep up with most stuff the studios churn out, eventually.

This should give a few clues to my incipient personality.

And writers … who do I read?  Since starting my degree, five long years ago, my reading diet has changed.  A lot.  Gone are the days now when I cold just plough through one Star Wars novel after another. I find that my patience is shorter now that I know what tricks people are trying to pull.  One bum sentence and I’m liable to delete it from my Kindle!

And then there’s genre … Do authors actually coral themselves into one tiny shoebox nowadays?  I doubt it.

The market’s ever-changing face means you can have as many pen-names as you want, in as many genres as you can imagine( or make up).  I like all the weird science, fantasy (though not overly keen on horror – no one’s done it better since Clive Barker’s Imajica for me) , and yet I like Psychodrama and a lot of Russian and French classics.  Stick a pin somewhere between all these genres, and I’ll be writing in that neighbourhood real soon.

And then there is market … I know the answers to this, though I have yet been bothered to chase them all down.  The first is Duotrope, a very worthy site (I wish I could afford to donate), which has a complete listing of online and paper publishing venues for short stories.  It staggers me that some writers have not heard about this.  They deserve knighthoods, or Hugos,’ or something!

So, if I know all this above information, it begs the question … Why haven’t I done it already?

Well, that should segue nicely into the next post!


About gethinmorgan

Writer, baker, beard bon viveur. And single-dad of three precocious little Jedi. Single father, Catan Addict, and writer.
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