My first Amazon KDP experience …

Inspired, (and procrastinating) as I am, a wander through the blogosphere turned up this little gem, and while trawling through this mountain of other diamonds, I found this.  So I got thinking …

That’s usually where the trouble starts …

In his Challenge, he intends to anatomize the experience of writing a short story, picking the cover, formatting and publishing it, and all   within days!!!  It can’t be that easy, can it?  So I went to find out.

As devoted readers (so far … one) will know, I have been using Scrivener with great delight, and that wonderful writing package has a .mobi compiler.  In other words, it prepares the manuscript in the form that Amazon wants.  And there’s me thinking it was expensive!

So I did that.  And then I went to Amazon KDP, opened an account, and within 30 minutes, my wonderful, (coverless) short story was in their queue, to be published within the next 12 hours.

Wow.  Forgive the vernacular of the younger generation, but squeeee!  For a kid who dreamed of publication way back when they were ten, to just do it that easily … Well, I did a little dance on my way to my next coffee!

I’m sure other people have their gripes, burning brands, resistance vs. the evil empire about Amazon, but so far, I do not.  I am basking in the warm creative glow, still shrouded in the innocence of a n00b.

Now I just gotta finish something! 🙂


Well, when we gripe, we get up early in the morning to do so.  Went to KDP this morning, and my opus is in draft version.  Any attempt to find out why results in failure.  Republish, and wait another twelve hours ….

Makes me want to join the Rebellion … really, it does!


Right, I know my dad’s lightsabre is in here somewhere …


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