Personal epiphanies and spare change

Quite a long time since my last post … the stats have flatlined, and I’m sick of staring at the same blog post al the time!

Since that last post I’ve started a new book, (again) and burned my way to 12 thousand words.  Cause its a fantasy book, having shucked the straightjacket of contemporary literary snobbery against anything remotely genre.  So there.

After plotting it out, setting the characters ,imagining the settings, and writing three chapters and a prologue, I ground to a halt.  Then two whole days of mopping about, complaining  how hard it was to be a writer.

And during a walk through town, I realised that I’d rather be writing. I had money to burn, and every game, book, DVD box set, almost anything, would just get in the way of my writing, so there was no point buying it.

And that’s the personal epiphany, I guess.  I bought as hat for £4, and a coffee.

The change that came over me for that three-day writing sprint (for me anyway) was profound.  It’s so much bloody fun.  Granted I haven’t started pulling out my hair over the editing and polishing process yet, but still, it’s so much fun. While writing the moribund ‘literary’ novel for my course, I would pace my livingroom, looking for ‘issues’ and ‘dissonances’ to layer into my dialogue.  Very worthy, but not much fun.

And that’s the spare change.  I’ve changed the reason I write, somehow.  Because it’s fun.



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Writer, baker, beard bon viveur. And single-dad of three precocious little Jedi. Single father, Catan Addict, and writer.
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