A letter to Facebook …

Hi, remember me?

Erm … I gave you up two weeks ago …

I’ve not missed you, you know, not at all – okay, that isn’t entirely true.  When its quiet, the kids asleep and there’s nothing on T.V. I might think fondly of our time together.  My Bejeweled Blitz high scores, my Zynga Poker addiction, even all those lolz pictures.  I miss stalking friends, to avoid actually talking to them.  I miss the way you used to slip into my subconscious, as a time killer, a distraction as powerful as any opiate.

But then I remember – how it seemed everyone was having more fun than me.  How people would share better pictures, links, YouTube posts, etc.  I remember folding another hand, thinking, ‘I’ve just wasted an hour of my life on busted flushes.’  I remember trying to come up with funny/deep/shocking status-updates, and the tumbleweed silence that follows.  I remember reading everything since the last time I’d read everything, and then … not knowing what to do.

Since giving you up, I have discovered time.  Time to pace, thinking about twisting plotlines.  Time to re-edit an old story, and duptrope it on the same night!  Time to actually write.  Since giving you up I have written 20,000 words, which is more than I’ve written in the last six months, when you were permanently plugged into my brain.

You made me forget I was a writer – you pretend to be a social media, but you’re more like an amusement-arcade/grapevine/cul-de-sac.  I may fall off the wagon on occasion, but I know I can do without you now …

Besides, I’ve now got Twitter! 🙂



About gethinmorgan

Writer, baker, beard bon viveur. And single-dad of three precocious little Jedi. Single father, Catan Addict, and writer.
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5 Responses to A letter to Facebook …

  1. Ellie says:

    ha ha ha, brilliant post! I can so identify with this. 20,000 words, that is, amazing!

  2. Ellie says:

    Reblogged this on Elena Ransley and commented:
    How many of us can identify with this?

  3. yeshe1year2live says:

    This all sounds way too familiar, as if my subconscious started a blog. 🙂

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