Writing – what are you willing to sacrifice …?

Yes, it’s been months since I wrote anything here.  I know.

And I have no great announcements to make – aside from the fact that my Uni coursework actually put me off writing.  This is strange for a course that is meant to teach me about writing – the fact that my heart isn’t in the story has had something to do with it too.  In an effort to write something ‘literary’, I created a post-modern examination of gender roles, and the differences in generations from Eighties Britain and Noughties Britain … (I know it sounds crap, but bear  with me.)  I did this by sticking a 24-year-old man in a hotel room with a forty eight year old woman … and just seeing what happened.

They start telling their life stories, while he tries to get her into bed … and that’s where it gets complicated.

The whole idea of the coursework is STUPID.  Eight thousand words of text, plus a letter to an agent, and a synopsis.  I don’t have to epublish it, or tout it on the internet …   I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO FINISH IT!  The constant advice to any first time author is to finish a first draft, and THEN edit … but this coursework ignores that, and makes me polish a first few chapters for nothing other than to check I can string a few sentences together.

Given that this course lasts two whole semesters, wouldn’t it be or realistic to actually write a whole damn novella … and teach the misguided students to actually finish something …

This whole process has drained any joy I get from my other writing … like the fantasy novel I was trumpeting a few posts ago.  I’m stuck on the 45 k mark, and can’t quite get that push to plunge back in.

Maybe I have learnt my lessons too well, and just want to polish the first few chapters and then give up!   I hope not!

Anyway, rant over.  Going to bang my head against a wall, until my head stops hurting!


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Writer, baker, beard bon viveur. And single-dad of three precocious little Jedi. Single father, Catan Addict, and writer.
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2 Responses to Writing – what are you willing to sacrifice …?

  1. I feel your pain. Way too often in my experience as a student, my idea of writing and the writing process differed from the instructor’s. It’s exhausting to try and get the teacher to understand what you need and potentially threatening academically. The only real advise I can give is to learn to shrug it off and keep writing, and that’s something that comes with time and lots of those not-so-hot experiences.

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