So what’s the plan …?

A quick scroll down previous posts will reveal a rather alarming trend – procrastination. If I may wax lyrical – procrastination is avoidance disguised as real life. Maybe I blog only when I need to lift myself from my latest rut.  Way to go on creating a platform!
However, the last post did have the desired effect – I got off my arse (or the Xbox, as it’s known) and wrote some more.
But wadda ya know … I finished a first draft!
Now, the novella is not even remotely finished – there are gigabytes of advice on what I need to do next – but its further than I’ve gotten before. So I’m going to take it as a positive.

But since reading the most excellent essay by Katherine Rusch – and I CANNOT emphasise how much you need to read it if you want a career as a writer – its just a first draft. The first of many.  Maybe even just a journeyman piece, one where I learn my trade, figure out a few things.  I fully intend to publish it, with a cover and a little fanfare.

But it’s just the first.

Since finding time on my hands, while the first draft matures away from my star-crossed eyes – I took a look at something unfinished that lay mouldering in a forgotten folder.  It wasn’t half bad – not perfect, but more than salvageable.  It’s beyond first draft, polished even, but needs ironing and tweaking.

So suddenly, I have a second work, in need of a cover, copy editor and multiple readthroughs.

This, I hope, is how a career starts.  Not with pleads to ‘buy my book’ on twitter, facebook, email shots etc.  I’ll just keep sending them out, and damn the rest.

So, what’s next?


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Writer, baker, beard bon viveur. And single-dad of three precocious little Jedi. Single father, Catan Addict, and writer.
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