Marketing or Writing?

I have wanted to be a writer since I was 12. I got an A+ for a story in school, and then wrote more in my own time. At 18, I used my Care-Leaving Grant (a small endowment for leaving State Care) on an old green-screen Amstrad wordprocessor. I could have wished for a drafty garret to write in, maybe a life-threatening addiction or illness – but it was a start.

I wrote three books on that creaky old thing. I instinctively knew they were bad, so I decided to stop – to wait for that mystical experience to inform and better my writing.

In the intervening time, the world change beyond recognition.

Twenty years, three kids, and plenty of experiences later, I am in a place to write, and far better than I ever could have at 18. Yet, now that publishing is a button, I find that I spend more time reading about the indie community than I spend writing.

I instinctively dive for my Feeds first, follow the pundits, heed the experts. I laugh at the meltdowns and grit my teeth at the epublishing successes. I nod at the importance of covers and editors, mull over the marketing tools, consider my platform. I listen to the podcasts, follow the blogs, comment, review, repost, retweet, like, pinit and diggit.

I could be on my computer for two hours after the blessed little gits have gone to bed, and my time is finally my own.  But I haven’t written a thing.

Despite the danger that this post could turn into a navel-gazing guilt-fest – there is a valid point … (at the risk of contradicting an earlier post)  All this distraction is as addictive as a soap opera.  Yes, I want to know what happens with the DOJ vs. Apple, or Google’s s.n.a.f.u. concerning book scanning, but it’s essentially as important as who went to the second round in X factor.

It’s time I could better spend writing.

I hated the old Amstrad. I had to load the operating program every time. The disks stored about 5,000 words each. The printer sounded like a small earthquake. But it wasn’t online. There were no distractions. And I wrote  a darn sight more.

So what’s stopping you?


About gethinmorgan

Writer, baker, beard bon viveur. And single-dad of three precocious little Jedi. Single father, Catan Addict, and writer.
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7 Responses to Marketing or Writing?

  1. Ms. Nine says:

    “…to wait for that mystical experience…” Have I got a book for you. For laughs, read Jack Gantos’s Jack’s Black Book.

    • gethinmorgan says:

      Thanks for commenting. I think this book may have been mentioned to me before … The goodreads reviews look good (just in the fact that it inspired strong opinion). I will have a look!

  2. Ellie says:

    Time is stopping me…there just isnt enough of it! But, just occassionally, the sun seems to shine for a little longer and the words fly faster than i can dream!

  3. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! Congrats! Check out the details here:

  4. Pat says:

    Hi, yes I couldn’t agree more. This social media stuff is very time consuming. I’ve only been doing it for just over a month and I am addicted. And I believe the hype, that I need to do it, that I have to establish my platform, my tribe, my presence. But it eats into writing time.
    The amount of self discipline I need in my life these days is ten times what it was because of the internet.

    • gethinmorgan says:

      I have fallen into a pattern … check facebook, check twitter, check RSS feeds, check forums, Flash Challenge sites … THEN, finally, after I’ve read about dancing dogs and the Brazilian Wax Crisis (there’s got to be a story in that, hasn’t there?) I finally get writing …

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