One year later …

Yes, I’m back, with a funkier (!) beard, a failed degree, and a whole lot of experience  trying  to beat out a novel out of these fingers.

As you can tell, it didn’t work. photos/proimos/4199675334/

My problem is starting something, powering through the first third, then, as the words-per-day dropped off, getting discouraged, and then starting another one …

My computer is littered with stillborn works. Some of them even have covers prepared.

So I looked deep into my writing practice.  I moved my laptop from the living room to the kitchen, I kept records of  words-per-day. I actually went off-line for long period of the day (except the phone – that doesn’t count). I signed up to Duotrope, read short stories, bought  excellent video lectures from WGM Publishing, joined (and left) a crit group.  And I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.

But still didn’t finish anything beyond the odd short story and flash fiction.

So, I’m trying something else. An e-serial, where I post a chapter of a chapbook, week-in, week-out. It will mean being under the glare of on-line derision if I fail. It will mean I have to post, period.

The bonus is the comments I get, the interaction with readers, and the episodes can be collated into ebook eventually.

I once (rather snidely) messaged someone here about posting fiction on line about how ‘you shouldn’t give it away for free’. And this person put a smiley face and took it on the chin.

Well, he was right, and I was wrong, and it took me a year to get here.

Details of the e-serial up soon. #amwriting

photo credit: <a href=””>Alex E. Proimos</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;


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