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5 Top Tips to being a BAD Indie-Writer

(Yes.  The inevitable ‘Top Tips’ post.  I thought I’d just get on with it, without pointing out how passe and cliche’d and it is … :p) It’s obvious that ANYONE can be an indie writer. Anyone. You just need to be able to string … Continue reading

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Writing and commerce

Somewhere in the UK at the moment, someone is celebrating a £46 million Eurolottery win. Did you feel it – the brief twinge of jealousy?  That someone is set for life, lucky beyond their wildest dreams, never to have to … Continue reading

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A letter to Facebook …

Hi, remember me? Erm … I gave you up two weeks ago … I’ve not missed you, you know, not at all – okay, that isn’t entirely true.  When its quiet, the kids asleep and there’s nothing on T.V. I … Continue reading

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